Explosive Compaction
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Dynamic Blast Monitoring


ECI has a full suite of instrumentation available to carry out the following dynamic blast monitoring services:


  • Surface vibration monitoring using triaxial geophone packages

  • Downhole hydrodynamic and residual pore pressure measurements, including the use of high speed data acquisition systems

  • Downhole triaxial accelerations using high-g accelerometers and high speed data acquisition systems

  • Slope movement monitoring using inclinometers

Dynamic Blast Modelling


ECI provides both 1-D (spherically symmetric), 2-D and fully 3-D nonlinear blast modelling services to look at the effects of underground blasting on vibration of structures, stress and strain field propagation, blast-induced settlements as a function of charge weight distributions and blast hole layouts, pore pressure generation, and fracturing of underground rock masses. Blast modelling is used to assist in design of explosive compaction services, analyse liquefaction field testing, and assess effects of blasting on below and above ground structures.


The attached ECI Blast Modelling (15263 kb) indicates a nonlinear finite element simulation of the sequential detonation of 3 decked charges using a bottom up blasting sequence to look at stress and strain field propagation around the blast hole, and to examine blast casing movements during blasting.

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