Explosive Compaction

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Since 1987, the Explosive Compaction Group has successfully completed numerous projects throughout Canada, including the Arctic, United States, Russia and Japan. These sites range from small test programs to 600,000 cubic metres of soil to be treated. The soil types range from silt tailings to gravel cobbles and boulders. Typical volume changes range from 3% to 8%. Over the course of our projects, ECI has overcome obstacles such as limited headroom for drilling and blasting in an enclosed structure, and limiting and controlling blast vibrations in urban areas. During the course of these projects, ECI has detonated hundreds of blast holes varying in depths, containing numerous explosive charges at multiple elevations.

ECI has completed multiple projects to date. The project listed below is our most recent.




Seymour Falls Dam Explosive Compaction Project: General Background on Specialist Sub-Contractor: Explosive Compaction Inc.

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