Explosive Compaction
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Papers and Videos




Applications of Explosive Compaction for Tailings Volume Reduction

- by W. Blair Gohl, David A. Ward and Ron Elliott


Use of Controlled Detonation of Explosives for Liquefaction Testing

- by W. Blair Gohl, J.A. Howie, C.E. Rea


Seymour Falls Dam Explosive Compaction Project: General Background on Specialist Sub-Contractor: Explosive Compaction Inc.

- by ECI Explosive Compaction Inc


Explosive Compaction of Foundation Soils for the Seismic Upgrade of the Seymour Falls Dam

- by Ron Elliott, Lewis Clarke, Blair Gohl, Ed Fulop, Neil K. Singh, Frank Huber


Put More Tails in Less Space and Save Money

- by Tonia Jurbin, P.Eng. - Canadian Mining Journal, December 2003


Explosive Compaction: design, implementation and effectiveness

- by W. Blair Gohl, M.G. Jefferies, J.A. Howie, D. Diggle - Geotechnique


Explosive Compaction pf Granular Soils and In Situ Liquefaction Testing Using Sequential Detonation and Explosives

- by W. Blair Gohl, Todd Martin, Ron J. Elliott


In Situ Liquefaction Testing Using Sequential Detonation of Explosives

- by W. B. Gohl, T.E. Martin, J. P. Sully



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